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Franciane Cris Santos

My name is Franciane Santos.

I work with devotional energy. From a very young age I understood my path with the knowledge and the teaching about spirituality.

The yoga devotion dance workshop and the empowerment mantras workshop will be an exercise to awaken the sacred energy within us.

Working with nature and dancing was something that has run through my life. We have access to the power of our senses, but nowadays we are losing many of this contact.

The workshops that I will present at the Elysia Convention will be a great opportunity to celebrate and develop in such a magical space these practices that with such affection I realize them.

The place where we will carry out this trip will be of immense vibration for the development of this technique. Besides being a place with so much history, being considered a "naked island" and a paradisiacal nature, we will still be united to people who come from all over the world. We will connect biologically with philosophies, techniques and cultures coming from all times. We will have the possibility and get rid of all our repetitive patterns and wear a new life in our lives. It will be exciting and unforgettable, I can not wait for this event to arrive.

My Moderators Sessions

Sunday, April 9

17:00 PDT

Monday, April 10

07:00 PDT