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Mette Kolding​

Actor Coach Yoga
Mount Shasta, California, USA
As a graduate from The National Acting School of Denmark 1994, Mette had a full-on acting career for 20 years, later she combined her acting with Life Coach sessions, talks, workshops and retreats. Her spiritual seeking brought her to Mt. Shasta, California where she certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2012 after being a student for over 30 years. Mette’s deep calling is to develop techniques on how to create Freedom through Awareness using The Four Body System (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual)
“Emotions are nothing but Energy in Motion and when we practice and come from that awareness we won’t get stuck in our stories. Yoga is the most effortless way to connect to The Four Bodies, since it involves breathing, moving and meditation and always is coming from a place of Non-harming and Truth.”