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Anja is an internationally known and passionate teacher and teacher trainer in the wide field of bodywork. Her deep passion for bodywork has been there since very young age when she was an acrobat. Being an experienced body worker with almost 20 years of experience she is constantly finetuning, integrating and improving her methods for well being, growing and connecting with oneself. Anja’s teaching is integrative and beyond classical forms of teaching yoga or Pilates and always tuned in with the person in front of her.

In her career as a dancer, Pilates and yoga teacher, body worker and Zen-Shiatsu therapist, she has worked and collaborated with many inspiring colleagues, teachers and mentors, such as include Max Storm, Madeline Black, Marie Jose Bloom, Marc Whitweel, Simon Bork, Cyndi Lee. But beyond all, Anja considers her students and her life her biggest teachers and is never shy of listening, learning and growing.

In Berlin, Anja owns and runs a successful Pilates and Yoga studio together with a pysiotherapy praxis– the pilateslab-berlin, a Studio for intelligent bodywork and education. She is one of the leading instructors on bestofworkout.de and Gymondo, two high-end online fitness platform

Anja has been travelling the world being a teacher, student, educator or just a traveller and she still does.


Workshops at E.L.Y.S.I.A

Give your yoga a voice (workshop):

In this class we will practice and explore our voices in relation to movement and stillness. The combination of yoga practice and voice work has a harmonizing and stabilizing effect on many levels. Body and mind are strengthened and our personality is recognized and unfolded in their individual profile. Experimenting with sounds, stepping over the fear to sound wrong or not being able to sound, allows the inner body to resonate and open up blocked energies in body and mind.

Movement vocabulary will be based on Vinyasa Yoga, principles and alignment of Pilates and bodytherapy.
The workshop will have a continuous flow and incorporates the social aspect of yoga — to connect with oneself and each other; A joyful dance between building up energies and settling down into stillness.
The class will end with a meditation.


YOGA meets Pilates ´Flowing inwards´ 1.5 hr class:
We will experience this Vinyasa Flow Yoga class and principles of pilates and other beautiful methods in a slow and very deep manner, where the inner ears and eyes go deep. Lots of fine tactile hands on cues and insights.
Focus is on inner alignment rather then crating only outer shapes. Active stretching will be practiced rather than passive. Focus on own responsibility rather then being instructed all the time. The class is led clearly, but you need to make some decisions yourself and step into your own responsibility. It is a very honest approach to your personal yoga and the art to really listen to one self. 

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, April 8

17:30 PDT

Sunday, April 9

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Monday, April 10

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