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Nektaria Kapoula Yoga&Thai Massage Teacher from Greece
Nektaria has been walking the path of teaching for the last twenty years. 
Through her experience with large groups of children, it was made clear for her that everyone has its own way and rhythm of learning and is the responsibility of the teacher to find out how to make that work. After her son was born, a decade ago, she stepped into spreading the lifetime changing practice of yoga to children, teenagers and adults in a playful environment of support and growth. 
Being certified as a Hatha yoga teacher from a school of strong Iyengar lineage, she has  completed more than 500 hours of training in various ways of approaching Asana, Pranayama and Meditation and specialises in Beginners classes of all ages. 
Her path in healing arts was enlightened by the therapeutic approach of touch in such a deep sense, that immediately learning and teaching massage for all these years became her passion. 
Her massage studies started in Athens, developed by traveling to various places in Europe to learn from many different cultures and approaches and ended up in Thailand, where humble giants of the art of Thai Massage accepted her as a student and through the years, acknowledged her as a worldwide representative of their methods. 
She is the first and only woman in Greece to be recognised as a Thai Massage Therapist from the international alliance of Thai Massage and her ongoing courses of this art is her everyday life. 
Teaching professionals the Thai Massage miracle, regular people how the healing process of therapeutic touch can change their relationships, she works on the dream, western people will once again include massaging in their reality as a way of resting and supporting their families. 

Play in touch with Yoga&Massage 

The connection between Yoga and Thai Massage goes back to thousands of years ago, in the begging of their forming. Parallel to the ancient time when hermits observed nature around them in deep meditation and developed the yoga system, they formed a way of energising their meridians and massage themselves. It was then that Reusi Dutton was born (the yoga of the hermit) that leaded to the Thai Massage development through the years. 
In this joyful class, we will experience, experiment and enhance our ability to work with each other, touching with metta(loving kindness), support and heal through techniques made simple for everyone. Also, Yoga teachers will find many tools to support the needs of their audience and definitely, we will laugh a lot!
Nektaria Kapoula: Certified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Thai Massage Teacher 
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